Speech Writer

If you’re looking for an affordable speechwriter, look no further. Maybe you thought only FANCY people had speechwriters- like politicians and celebrities. What if I told you that I’d secretly written people’s emotional acceptance speeches, heartfelt wedding toasts, even their wedding vows! NORMAL people. Regular, every day, you and me people.

You’re busy. You’re stressed. You’ve got a lot going on. Let me take that speech off your plate so you’re not trying to think of something to say at the last moment. YOU earned the honor of giving the speech you’re being asked to give. Make sure you have a speech as “wow!” as you are.

But Emily, if I hire a wedding toast writer, isn’t that kind of…cheating?

Have you ever purchased a card from Hallmark? Then you’ve used other people’s carefully crafted words to convey YOUR emotions. There is nothing wrong with that.

How do you know what to write?

Before I begin your project, I go through a checklist of background information from you. I gather stories, facts, emotions, and history as well as the goals and desired take away message of your speech to make sure it sounds like “you.”

How much does it cost?

Ready for the answer you hate? Here it is: “it depends.” It depends how long your speech needs to be and how long the background research takes. To give you a ball-park figure: a typical “Father of the Bride” speech usually costs around a couple hundred dollars which includes a call to gather background info and goals, the actual writing time, and a round of edits. I will give you an exact quote depending on your circumstances!

Let’s get started writing your speech today. Contact EmilySchwartzSpeaks@gmail.com to get started.