Emily is a former K-12 teacher and University professor and current “expert explainer” and “energy bring-er. ” She loves helping people find the humor in stressful situations and making people laugh and smile through speaking and public speaking coaching.

She’s the mom of two kids and blogs about her parenting fails and wins frequently.  She’s married to the most patient man in the world who smiles at and encourages every crazy idea she has. She loves running, (on purpose, not just from bears) traveling, writing, and making up silly entertaining videos. A native of Southern California, Emily currently lives (and melts) in Phoenix, AZ.

The fancy stuff

Emily’s not all fun and games. She does have the credentials to back up what she does. Emily has a Ph.D. from Arizona State University where her dissertation research focused on using the attribution theory of motivation to design effective lessons in the classroom. She’s a frequent keynote speaker at conferences across the country and as a public speaking coach she has coached everyone from CFOs giving a corporate address, to dads giving a father of the bride speech to medical doctors explaining a new drug on the market to be a better public speaker. She also holds an MBA in internet silliness and “dad jokes.” Just kidding, that’s not a thing. But if it were…

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