Keynote or Workshop Speaker, Communication and Creativity

Whether you’re looking for a local Phoenix public speaking trainer, a memorable creativity keynote speaker for your national conference, or a time management training for your staff, Dr. Emily Schwartz delivers the “wow” factor to your attendees. Contact her about your next in-person or virtual conference:

Emily’s contagious energy and inspirational passion will leave your attendees invigorated with new ideas, and raving about your event. Why? Because Emily has the stage presence of an entertainer with the academic credentials of a researcher. Put another way, she’s got the smarts without the stuffiness and the inspiration without the “fluff.” Read more about her background here.

Keynote and Workshop Training Topics Include:

How to Speak so People Will Listen and Act

Length: 60 minutes

Format: Public Speaking Training or Keynote

Description: Tired of speaking to blank stares? This public speaking training teaches your group to ooze confidence, inspire action with communication, and never be misheard again.

Watch a clip of How to Speak so People Will Listen and Act:

Better Ideas with Creative Thinking

Length: 60 minutes

Format: Creativity Training or Keynote

Description: Do your “outside the box” ideas feel very….inside the box? As a keynote speaker on creativity, Dr. Emily Schwartz teaches teams that creativity isn’t an accident, it must be fostered. Learn what creativity is, how to inspire it, and use creative thinking to come up with winning ideas and solutions so the next time your team pitches a suggestion, others will say, “Wow, why didn’t I come up with that?”

Watch a clip of Better Ideas with Creative Thinking:

How to Be a Captivating Communicator

Length: 60 minutes

Format: Communication Training or Keynote

Description: “That was too easy to understand…” said no one ever. This public speaking keynote examines the phrase “Dumb it Down,” why it doesn’t mean we think it means, and how it’s actually the smartest thing we can do.

Educate First, Sell Second

Length: 60 minutes

Format: Sales Training or Keynote

Description: The ability to educate a potential client is a crucial sales skill. This sales training helps salespeople strengthen their teaching skills so clients clearly and quickly understand their value proposition in a way that inspires them to act.

Re-Thinking Time Management with The Time Diet

Length: 60 minutes

Format: Time Management Training or Keynote

Description: In this time management training, Dr. Emily Schwartz, creator of The Time Diet method, offers a more “digestible” approach to getting things done faster while maintaining work life balance.

Past Clients Include:

CorVel Corporation, Lovitt & Touche, Sylvan Learning, Cooper Vision, Southwest Arizona Human Resource Association, Merck Animal Health, The First Tee, X-Cel Specialty Contacts, National Association of Women in Construction, Arizona State University, The United Way, The Upside of Downs, National Association of Women Business Owners….and more!

Check out Emily’s Speaking Welcome Video to see what she’s all about

Emily is available for virtual, national, international, as well as local to phoenix events. 

Are we a good fit for each other? Please email me at to discuss the particulars of your event.