Need a Phoenix emcee for your next event? Or a virtual emcee for your next virtual conference? First of all, congratulations for making it to this page. You, as an event organizer, recognize the importance of having an engaging “traffic flow” director on stage or online to help tie your event together. Too often event organizers spend time and money on content and speakers and entertainment and think the emcee role can be played by a board member or volunteer with no script, no advanced prep, no direction, etc. The event ends up feeling flat and scattered. Attendees feel disappointed and the event organizers are left scratching their heads about what just didn’t feel “right.”

So, I mean this with all my heart: THANK YOU for recognizing the importance of an emcee. Even if you don’t choose me, I am so glad you’re elevating the quality of virtual and in-person events everywhere by seeking out a professional for the job!

What Makes a Good Emcee?

It’s a tricky skill set, let me tell you. A good emcee is an engaging speaker, an energy driver, and a calming force to possible event hiccups. A good emcee will pump an audience up, but not overpower or overshadow the main speakers. A good emcee will vamp if you’re having technical difficulties so your audience doesn’t feel lost. A good emcee will set up you, your award winners, your company, or your entertainers as shining stars that attendees should feel LUCKY to experience. A good emcee will feel comfortable skillfully soliciting donations if your event is a fundraiser.

If I do my job right, your event will feel cohesive, energized, seamless, and organized, but people will remember YOU and your organization, not me. 

What about virtual events? Do I really need one if it’s “just” online?

You need an emcee even MORE for virtual events. In a virtual event, every transition is an opportunity for people to shut down their computer. Don’t let that happen. Keep the energy and excitement going throughout with a skilled host.

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