Dr. Emily Schwartz has made a career out of explaining complex, boring, or confusing things in simple and humorous way. She’s Bill Nye, meets Ellen DeGeneres, meets Steve Jobs. As a keynote and virtual speaker, she’s inspiring, as a blogger and emcee she’s entertaining, as a public speaking coach she’s transformative, as a parent…she’s trying really really hard not to lose her mind so please give her all the encouragement you can.

In a world full of fluff and distractions, of people trying to use big words to sound impressive, of people reading from PowerPoint slides and calling it a workshop, Emily cuts to the core of what’s important and communicates that importance in a clear, humorous, and memorable way. Through creativity and simplicity, she can turn even the most convoluted and complex message into one that’s memorable, relatable, and inspires people to action.

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