Public Speaking Coach for Doctors and Health Care Providers

Are you a looking for a public speaking coach for doctor or health care providers? Or maybe you’re trying to figure out how to deliver an engaging webinar in the medical field? I can help.

Why do doctors and health care providers need a special public speaking or webinar coach? Doesn’t the same advice apply to everyone?

Yes and no. I’ve coached people with a broad spectrum of occupations and yes there are DEFINITELY big overarching principles that apply to anyone looking to captivate an audience regardless of subject matter. However, you as a doctor or health care provider are in a unique position: you have highly technical information that needs to apply to a mass audience. That’s tough. Maybe you’re speaking at a virtual or in-person medical conference and need to breathe energy and impact into a highly technical talk. Maybe you’re leading a webinar and need to avoid simply reading your bullet points off of PowerPoint slides. Maybe you’re speaking to medical students and need to tailor your content to be memorable and inspiring. Maybe you’re speaking to the general public and need to make your content understandable and actionable. I can help you with all of that.

Why is public speaking so important for the health care field?

A health care provider with exceptional public speaking and communication skills is always in demand. It’s a great way to elevate your practice, maximize your impact, and clearly communicate essential and possibly life-saving information to a wide audience. Not to be dramatic, but if an entrepreneur has poor speaking skills and drops the ball on their sales pitch, the worst-case scenario is the business isn’t funded. If a health case provider misses an opportunity to clearly communicate important information to a wide audience? Now we are talking about big consequences: health consequences. I firmly believe that excellent speaking and communication skills in the health care field LITERALLY has the potential to save lives. ::steps off soap box::

Um, Emily, I don’t know if you noticed but you’re not a medical doctor. How can you possibly help me?

You want to know the truth? I didn’t choose this niche. It chose me. I’ve coached hundreds of people from college students to Fortune 500 executives and I noticed that doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals consistently made up a large portion of my clients. Doctors looking to hone a presentation on a new drug, industry professionals looking to provide professional development to residents, nurses looking to communicate preventative strategies to the general public, etc. And then those clients told their doctor friends, and then those doctor friends told THEIR doctor friends, and pretty soon I had this network of extremely satisfied health care providers communicating better than they ever had before.

My Ph.D. is in education. I am not a subject matter expert in the health care field but as it turns out, my highly specific skill of taking technical information and making it streamlined, interesting to listen to, and easy to remember is highly beneficial to health care providers everywhere. You’re already a medical expert. You’ve got that part covered. What you need is an expert in communication, learning, and retention. That’s where I come in.

What services do you provide?

Webinar facilitation coaching

Public speaking coaching

Webinar or Power Point presentation design

Virtual group trainings on speaking, webinar facilitation, and communication best practices

How does it work?

During our first virtual meeting we talk about your goals as a communicator. What are you trying to accomplish? Who is your audience and what do you need them to know? Then, I ask that you give me a sample of a speech/presentation/pitch/something that you either have delivered before or plan to deliver in the future. If you don’t have this available, I’m happy to provide something, but I find it’s most helpful if we use something REAL to your career as a starting point. This helps me assess your speaking strengths and how we can play to them as well as your speaking weakness and how to address them. You will leave this first meeting with concrete, actionable strategies to move forward. After that, we can meet as frequently or infrequently as you’d like depending on your needs and your personal growth plan we formulate together. My hourly rate for one-on-one coaching is $100-150 depending on how much background research I’ll need to do to prepare for our time together. (Yes, I’m aware this is cheap compared to other options out there. You’re more than welcome to pay me hundreds more dollars if you prefer. That just feels like highway robbery to me. Eesh.)

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